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August 13, 2018



I know it's been quite awhile since I've sat at the keyboard typing up a new blog post. Life is busy, as usual. Particularly these past couple of months. And with wedding season about to hit, its only going to become busier! But that isn't a bad thing! 


With that being said, I wanted this post to really portray what we've been up to throughout the year. And that is...drum roll...OUR HOME. We've been working slowly..but surely to update our space, give it character, and most importantly make it our own. Focusing on making it inviting and home-y. I've come to realize that I've really reached adulthood when all I think about is how to decorate our house. 

And to be honest, it hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. It's actually really hard...oh and expensive. You have all these ideas accumulating in your head but you're forced to take one step at a time...(as not to break the bank). My brain is a mushy mess of ideas that I'm trying to bring together cohesively in a way where I don't make our house a chaos of ideas that don't necessarily merry well together. There are just soooo many options out there, it tends to overwhelm me a bit! 

But all in all, it's been so fun going to home stores, choosing items Johnny and I both love, and putting them together to make our home...home! 

I wanted to update friends and family on how far we've come since we moved into our once bare wall/minimal furniture house. Mind you, we still have an incredibly far way to go before I feel like our house is considered "furnished", however, I'm loving the beginning stages and watching the rooms come together one step at a time. 


I'll start with the room we are in most, the family room. Like I said, still such a long way to go! Our next plan is to start thinking about painting. This room is still very "bare" to me, but I'm trying to be patient with it. This is the room everyone see's when they walk in to our open concept floor plan. So naturally, I wanted this room to be cozy and welcoming to our guests. 

Eventually, we will replace that bookcase and make the room more cohesive and match a little better. I chose to accent the bookcase with pictures of us and family and include little items that mean a lot to us. I wanted to brighten up the room with a house plant and was very particular about choosing the Golden Pythos. As far back as I can remember, my mom had this plant in our home. And the one she had all her life was her mothers. Unfortunately, that original pythos ended up dying shortly after my mom passed, however, I knew I wanted one to remind me of my mom every time I look up at it. Little touches that may seem so insignificant, yet so meaningful.


Speaking of my mom, as most of you know, I inherited her baby grand piano after she passed away almost 3 years ago. Johnny and I have been so anxious to get it from California to Texas since we purchased our home. We had known once we had the space for it, we would find a way to get it here. We chose the floor plan we did precisely on the fact that we needed enough space for my big, beautiful instrument. Luckily, the home has allowed the perfect spot for it. It's one of my favorite updates/additions. We also updated the light fixture above it to really bring the space together. You can see the piano from the kitchen and it faces out into our living area. 


Next, I'll take you to the west wing of the house, where we have two bedrooms and a guest bathroom. The first room I'll show, is our office/art/music room. It outlooks the front yard exuding lots of natural light perfect for when I'm painting. We updated the fixture in this room as well and added a dimmer switch. We thought a dimmer was very fitting for a music room where we like to come in and play a record or two on our turn table. We would eventually love to paint, get a new stand for our records/record player, and update the desk to fit all of our offices supplies. 
I was set on having my paintings on the walls, although I want to find a better way to hang them. (Eventually). I love the guitars on the walls and the band poster accents that we hung. It helps brings the theme of the room together. 

 Next stop of the tour, the guest bathroom! I had lots of fun putting this little room together. We knew we wanted green as the accent color and I really just went with it. I'm a sucker for succulents and chose to showcase that as my theme. Eventually, I would love to paint the walls and brighten it up a bit more. For the most part, though, I would consider this room done.


(Curtain: Target | Succulents: Michaels + Homegoods | Brown Shelves: Home Depot | Pastel Green Towels: Target | Bath sign: Homegoods | Tote for toilet paper: At Home | Black + White Succulent picture: Hobby Lobby) 



My favorite room in the house is surprisingly our guest room. Weird, I know, but I worked really hard to make this room comfortable for our guests. I wanted them to have a undoubtedly "home-away-from-home" feeling, yet still provide details that they would see in a hotel or air b & b. My favorite item in the room is our "Be Our Guest" sign. I was so set on this particular sign when I saw it and knew I had to have it. It was the first thing we put up in the room and I then proceeded to decorate based on the sign itself. Which was a little challenging but I think it has come together nicely. We recently updated the fixture with a ceiling fan that matches the wood of the sign almost perfectly! I hope our guests always feel comfortable in this room that's designated just for them!  


 On the bed side tables I've included items that scream "Texas/Austin". You'll find local magazines on one side as well as a list of "Our Favorite" things to do in Austin. We found that every time we have had visitors, we would sometimes find it hard to narrow down things to do. So this list was designed to help with that.  I can honestly say its come in handy and our guests LOVE visually seeing all the options they have in Austin and it's surrounding areas. 

On the dresser I placed a letter board as well as a 'guest' basket of items you might find in a hotel for an added touch. You have your towels, shampoo + conditioner, Q-tips, soap, a loofah, etc. All the things you often don't think about when you're not at home and don't have access to those necessary things. I've included one of my paintings in this room of a Texas bluebonnet as well as a framed map of Austin and it's outer areas. Eventually we will paint this room and add more final touches. 


(Bedside tables: Hobby Lobby | Basket of goodies: Hobby Lobby | Letterboard: Target | Gold sphere: At Home | Wine Bottle decor: Handmade | Flowers: Michael's | White Comforter: Wayfair | Lamp: Target | Ceiling fan: Home depot | Towels: At Home | Decor Pillows: At Home/Target/Homegoods | Dusty Blue Throw: Homegoods



Next stop, the Master Bedroom! This room still has a ways to go..yes I will continue to say that. We eventually will paint this room and decorate more, however this is what we've got so far. I love how comfortable the space is and how the room speaks "us." We went with a more "classic" bedroom set. One that we felt was timeless and would never go out of style versus something more modern. I love the color of the wood and think it goes well with our blue-ish theme. We updated the fixture with a ceiling fan (of course) and it also matches the bedroom set better then we could have hoped. We accented the room with canvas portraits from our wedding day and a wood sign I found at Hobby Lobby. I was a little stumped on what to put over our bed since the head board is sooo high and we already had pictures and a sign over the dresser. When I worked at Milk + Honey, they had these beautiful delicate macrame hangings in the women's locker room and it dawned on me that I they would be perfect over our bed. I love our fig tree that my parents gave us as a house warming gift because it helps bring our room together and brightens it up with more color!



 (Bedroom Set: Rooms to Go | Comfortable: Wayfair | Striped Throw Blanket: Target | Macrame wall hangings: Attalie Dexter | Ceiling Fan: Home Depot | Sign above canvas pictures: Hobby Lobby | Mr + Mrs sign: Amazon | Ring Dishes: Etsy | Canvas prints: Easy Canvas Prints) 




This brings me to the last stop on the tour, our backyard. We have NOT done a ton to our yard and it will always be an ongoing project. Eventually we'd love to put in a patio and a stone pathway leading to our DIY firepit. I'd love to plant trees that will provide shade and put in some flower beds and an above ground garden. I will look forward to the day I have those pictures to share, but for now, this is our quaint backyard. Don't mind the grass too much..it's been a terribly dry summer here :( 

 (Blue chairs: Home Depot | Stones + Rocks: Home Depot | Solar lights along fence: At Home) 


I look forward to eventually sharing more updated pictures as the house continues to come together in the future.  





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