Weekend Guide to Tulsa

May 30, 2018

For Memorial day weekend Johnny and I decided to road trip to Tulsa, OK which is about 7ish hours away. "Why Tulsa?" yeah, we got that question a lot when telling anyone our weekend plans. And the answer is no particular reason other than a getaway from Austin. Johnny had been to Tulsa for a job last year and had nothing but good things to say about it. He described it as a "mini Austin." So there you have it, decision made. Our little family (Baylee included) packed up and headed north bound. 


Johnny and I recently became bike owners to two 'entry-level' mountain bikes that we can't seem to stay off of. They are so much fun! We have been wanting bikes since we both lived in Salt Lake City, but are not the cheapest purchases and never pulled the trigger on them. Until a little over a week ago! and no regrets. We have been wanting to find a way to get more active and find ourselves outdoors more, and with no gym close in proximity, bikes were our number one choice and option! It has allowed us more quality time together and gets our butts off the couches in the evenings. ;)  


So with that being said, we most definitely took our new purchases to Tulsa with us for the weekend! We figured it would be the best way to get around the city. (and most fun) And we were spot on. I would hands down, 100 % recommended riding a bike when traveling to a new city. 

Needless to say, we had an exceptional time roaming the (ever so quiet/not busy) streets of Tulsa for the weekend. 



If you ever find yourself in the small city of Tulsa Oklahoma, here is your weekend guide. 


We chose to get an Air b n b downtown. We lucked out with the most convenient place to stay and were extremely content with our decision. It was affordable, cute, cozy and best of all dog friendly. We hate having to leave our pup behind when we travel. Especially since its so hard to find people to watch her here in Austin. 



Our place was a quaint detached bungalow in the backyard of a house. Our hosts were out of town for the weekend so we had the whole place/backyard to ourselves. It was very peaceful and serine with a cute waterfall and koi pond right outside our door. If you are ever looking for a place to stay in this city, we got you covered! The place was perfectly central and conveniently close to anything and everything downtown. We have been riding our bikes 5+ miles a day back in Austin so we felt pretty prepared for our trip. Everything was a mere 10-15 min ride give or take. And not to mention, Tulsa was like a ghost town while we were there. The streets quiet from cars and the sidewalks clear with hardly any people. It was actually kind of strange and was a BIG change from the busy-ness of Austin. We could ride anywhere and never have to worry about cars.


First night in, we unpacked the car and headed out on our bikes to grab some dinner. We found ourselves choosing El Guapo; a popular mexican cantina in the heart of downtown. It seemed to be a local favorite so we figured we couldn't go wrong. Chips & salsa, taco's and enormous stuffed jalapenos did us in. We've heard the smothered burrito is a must try there so if we go back that is my next plate!


Later that evening/night we went to our first drive in movie together. Apparently, The Admiral Twin Drive in is a popular local attraction and we thought it'd be fun to join in under the warm Tulsa night sky. We unfortunately didn't have an FM radio, nor wanted to risk keeping our car battery on the whole duration of the movie, however, we lucked out and parked right in front of a family who brought a huge speaker that allowed us to hear (most) of Deadpool. It was still fun sitting alongside our car in our camping chairs eating popcorn under the big screen. But I would definitely recommend bringing yourself a boombox for future motion pictures there.




Sunday was our only FULL day in Tulsa, and we hit the ground running. Well, hit the ground riding I guess ;) We woke up in the morning and rode our bikes to a nearby local coffee shop called Foolish Things Coffee Company. It came up second as one of the "best coffee shops in tulsa" and was super close by. It was a cute, hip shop with local art hugging the walls and fresh greenery on ever table. It sat in the perfect location with a perfect view of the Tulsa skyscrapers. It had amazing cold brew that was perfect of the warm morning that was ever so rapidly heating up.


We rode back to the house to grab the car and head out to brunch. We decided on another local favorite Kilkenny's Irish Pub which was known for having the "best brunch" in the local Tulsa magazine we found lying on the coffee table of our home. We settled on a Florentine Benedict and Biscuits + Gravy and it was nothing short delicious and a perfect way to start the day. We then went home to grab the pup and drive to a extremely near by beautiful park called Woodword Park. This place was like the Secret Garden! So serine, so beautiful, and went on forever. It was extremely well maintained and held an abundance of gardens filled with roses and Iris's. If I lived in Tulsa, I would find myself there every single day whether it be sitting on a bench reading a book, laying under a tree or just walking around with Baylee. Most all the pictures I took from Sunday are of this beautiful park. I would recommend going there if ever in Tulsa. I only wish Austin had parks like this! It was a fairly hot day and Baylee got so tired during the end. It was so cute when Johnny picked her up and carried her to the car. He said she just let her weight fall in his arms and didn't even fight the cradling position. She was done for the day!




We went back to the house for some much needed water and rest from the sun. But it wasn't soon after that we were on our bikes in the blazing heat riding back into town. We hit up Lefty's on Greenwood, a pub for food and drinks. We got an appetizer and headed on our way to a nearby place called Prairie Brewery which is a well known Oklahoma favorite. Once back home where we rested and refreshed from all the sweat we shed from our bike rides, we were off to dinner. Yokozuna Sushi was the recommended decision we fell upon, and we were not disappointed with the 2 sushi rolls and Pork Belly Ramen bowl we shared. It was so good! 


After our Japanese cuisine we headed back to grab the bikes and go for another spin before the sun went down. At that point, the temperatures dropped to a bearable, much more enjoyable riding temp that allowed us to go extend our mileage around town. We went back to Woodward park, to Swan Lake, up the residential streets of some amazing homes and everywhere in between. We rode as the sun set over the skyline and even then when the stars came out and soaked up the night time breezes. 

I'm sure it seems pretty self explanatory that we had a wonderful time, because well..we did. I pondered the next day on our trip and how lucky I felt that we are able to do the things we do and see the places we are able to see. It helped put everything into much more perspective being Memorial Day as I reflected on the sacrifices people have made to allow our fun and freedom. 


Hope y'all had an amazing weekend with your loved ones. 

Till next time 


xo Melissa 















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