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February 27, 2018



24 years old?! Can't believe it! As most of you know I celebrated my birthday last week on Thursday, February 22nd.  I can't thank my family enough for helping make my day so incredibly special! Here's a recap:


On Thursday, I woke up to birthday wishes and a sweet note from my husband. My Valentines bouquet was still in good standing, blooming, and beautiful. Although Johnny had to work, I spent the day doing some of my favorite things. After getting ready, I headed out for some breakfast and coffee and found myself at a cute coffee shop in East Downtown Austin, Cenote.  I then headed over to Barnes and Noble to pick out some Art/Painting books that was gifted to me through a gift card from my step mom. Super thoughtful and a perfect birthday gift since I never really spoil myself on things like that.

My birthday dinner of choice was at one of our favorite Pho restaurants called "Pho Please." ( Easily the best pho in Austin by the way so I suggest you try it). Johnny introduced me to Pho last year and I'm super glad he did because it's now one of our favorite things to go out and get. And since the day was rainy and cold, Pho ended up being the perfect food for the weather.

As I headed out to go pick up Johnny for dinner, I last minute stopped off at the mailbox and I'm sooo glad I did.There I found a card/gift from my dad which ended up being one of my favorite things I've gotten in a really long time. So simple, yet so meaningful to me. In the card was a note and in the note was a CD that my dad had made for me. On this CD were special songs that pertained only to us. Since I had know idea what songs were on the CD, it was such a great surprise every time one ended and another one began. I was able to listen to it by myself on my car ride to pick up Johnny and it was perfect in every way. So if you're reading this, Dad, thank you so much for the special gift that will hold dear to me always!


More surprises came later in the evening after dinner with a card and cupcakes from Johnny when we returned home.

So if that doesn't already sound like a great birthday, the celebrations continued to the weekend and got even better! Johnny and I have been wanting to visit wine-town Fredericksburg for quite some time but have never gotten around to making the 1.5 hour trip. I decided that I wanted to go for my birthday as it would be the perfect excuse to finally visit! But disclaimer, it rained (almost) the entire time we were there! It still ended up being a nice getaway for us. I started thinking about it and it actually almost always rains on or near my birthday time. But I'm born in the Winter so what can I really expect? ;) 
We decided to get an air BnB up there and stay a night to make it worth our while. We had a good dinner, a GREAT brunch and stopped off at a winery on the way home which was the perfect end to our trip. The sun even came out while we were there! If you're ever in Fredricksberg for breakfast/brunch I highly suggest going to Sunset Grill. It was such a cute little restaurant with great food and its a local favorite so you can't go wrong! 
I know Fredericksberg can be a pretty popular place, so it was actually really nice that due to the weather there were not a lot of people in town at all (besides the locals). Johnny and I decided that we want to go back at a warmer, nicer time so that we can enjoy it a little bit more because it really is such a cute, fun, little town with so much character.

I didn't take a ton of pictures due to the weather and due to the fact that we didn't do as much as we had probably liked to but here are a few shots I got from Main Street.




Pretty succulents and flowers were everywhere on Main and I just had to stop and take pictures of them! 

 The Winery we ended up at while leaving on Saturday afternoon is called Fat A** Winery and it was actually so good and so fun. I'm so glad we decided to stop there on the way back! It actually made me want to stay one more day just so we could tour around all the other different wineries. But that will just give us a good excuse for another visit.

All in all, I had an exceptional birthday and it was all thanks to my husband and loved ones! It was the perfect start to 24. I'm in a time in my life that I just feel so blessed each and every day for the life I have and for the husband/family/friends I share it with. This particular start of the year has been a whirlwind with lots of changes, such as moving into a house, and even changes that are in the process of happening currently. I think 24 is going to be the year that I take a lot of leaps and a year that's going to challenge myself more than previous years. But I know so many great things are in store especially with the support system I have.

Cheers to TWENTY-FOUR <3 







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