Bubert Residence

February 6, 2018


It finally happened! After much anticipation, we closed on our 4 bedroom, 1 story home in Austin on January 23, 2018. We are beyond thrilled! Sometimes I wake up wondering where exactly I am, until I realize that we did it. We bought a house. We're here. And we now get to turn this brand new house into a home that we get to call nothing other than OURS. I can't help but feel so proud of us. We really have worked so hard to get where we are. Lot's of time and patience. Lots of budgeting and saving. But we have an incredible support system from our families who been there for us along the way which we are so thankful for. I just feel so fortunate we were able to turn our dream of owning a house into a reality. 


We chose this particular house for a few reasons. Although the area we purchased in is very up + coming and a little far out of the way than we wanted to initially be, we fell in love with the floor plan. The layout of the house was so ideal for us. Not to mention we immediately walk in to a giant granite-topped island in the kitchen that I've always wanted. That might have helped a little ;) But, it was a home we felt like we could grow in. And yes, I mean by numbers. Johnny and I eventually do want a family. As much as this can be considered our first "starter" home, we didn't want to feel like we would grow out of it too soon. Buying a house is a lot of work...and money. And we are hoping to settle and stay for a long time. 

Among that is was also brand new,  this home was in (and actually a little lower) than our price range. It was very affordable for us and wouldn't break our bank. If it meant that we could purchase a home that allowed us to still have extra money to do other things than just pay a mortgage, we were all in. Since the area we are in is up+coming, our house will also double as an investment home. The area is supposed to be growing immensely in the next few years or so. As much as I will miss the convenience of having everything a little bit closer to us, with the rate that Austin is growing, it's actually so refreshing to make my way out of the city and leave the busyness behind as I drive home everyday. It's like my own little oasis from the hectic world.


I feel lucky that the whole process of it all ended up being as easy and smooth as it was. With that being said, here is a little back story about how this house became ours...
Our lease for our apartment was up in March of 2018, so naturally, as the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 approached, we had started to take a peak at all the options that were out there. Johnny had come across these homes, and like I said before, when we looked at the floor plan we knew it had potential. East Austin, however, we weren't sure about. We had been living on the North/West side since we had moved to Texas and we just didn't know how the adjustment would be for us. Not that this is a bad area, we had just never considered it.

But the homes seemed very affordable for the square footage we would get and we knew we had to at least check them out. 
We scheduled a time on a Friday afternoon right after we got off work. The rep for the homes was wonderful and we felt in good hands as he took us on our tour through the neighborhoods. The home we purchased was actually the first one we walked in to. On the way over to the house, the rep told us that when looking for a home it is very important to really feel the "this is it" feeling. If it didn't feel right and if we had to try to talk ourselves into the purchase, then that wasn't the house for us. Long story short, we walked in and it immediately felt right. Walking through the halls exceeded our expectations of how we even thought it would look in person. It was so spacious and open. We did, however, look at other homes afterwards but still found ourselves gravitating back to it. We looked one last time before the night ended and had to jump on it. It all happened a lot faster than we had ever anticipated! 
Fun fact, there was a younger couple just like us that looked at the same home literally right before we did. Thankfully they had walked away because they needed the night to think about it. In fact, the next day they called DR Horton making their offer, but unfortunately for them, we had taken it off the market at 8:00 pm Friday night. In our case, everything does happen for a reason. If we had only looked a day later or if the couple before us took it off the market right before we got there, this house wouldn't be ours. 

This was the text we got from the rep the following morning:  "I got a text from the agent who was there right before you guys and she said the couple who was there wanted to move forward! Just wanted to say "congrats" again. You are one of my success stories about getting a great home and not having to settle for a second choice home."
This text solidified a lot for us and we knew we had made to right decision. No buyers regret for us. Just anxious and excited to move forward with the process!


In the short time that we've moved in, I love our home already. Even though we have bare walls and a room full of our things that we can't put out yet because we don't have anything to put them on...it still feels so homey to me already. I know Johnny and I are going to have so much fun doing our "home projects" and decorating together. We have SUCH a long way to go when it comes to all the ideas we have racked up in our brains, but as things start coming together and the house becomes more furnished, I will be posting a lot of updates with it. For now, here are just few before and afters of what we have so far.




Last but not least I just wanted to express my gratitude and say a HUGE thank you for all the support and love we have gotten from friends and family. For all the shared excitement and "congratulation's"! We are so humbled and excited to for this new chapter in our lives and can't wait to share it more with you.   



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