How I Ended up in Austin, Texas

April 26, 2017





I get a lot of questions on why I moved?  How did I go from living in California to eventually living in Texas? And what brought us to Austin of all places? Well, here's the back story from the very beginning...


I'm orignially from Southern California. Born and raised. I spent most of my childhood growing up in a town called Murrieta. I went through a lot during my highschool years ( but who doesn't?) Some things I'm not proud of, other things I'm glad they happened. The point is, I grew. TREMENDOUSLY. It look me a while, but I did. I got through my first "real" heartbreak,  made it out broken and bruised from an abusive realtionship, and all the while causing havic for my parents who would potentionally get a divorce during my senior year which shattered my family completely and uturely into pieces. I needed to get away. Badly. I graduated highschool with no intention of going to college, but eventually pursueing my dream as a hair stylist and going to beauty school. But I kept procrastinating. as always. and kept working at my mediocre job at Dairy Queen. At that point in time, I was dating a boy who left to the ARMY. After he left, I realized one major thing -that there was absolutly nothing (besides a handul of people) there for me in California anymore, let alone that horrible little town that had caused me so much heartache and pain for the past 4 years. I would always see the same people, be interested in the same old, no-good boys, and I wasn't happy anymore. And with my new boyfriend gone, I had nothing holding me back. It was now or never to get out of that town. I made the decision in a matter of days to move to Salt Lake City, UT. At the time, my sister was living there and my mom had recently moved to southern Utah to start her new, single life from scratch. I was sad to leave my dad behind but I felt in my heart it was the right place to be. How could I deny this fresh, new start? I was getting the chance to experience living somewhere new where I would meet all kinds of different people, and get my "college" experience without actually going to college. This was also when I decided that hair school would be on hold no longer and I would enroll at Paul Mitchell SLC and start school 2 weeks after my move. It was a very fast decision/transition but with the help of my parents combined, I packed up and left it all behind.

After a few short months of living on my own, I hated it. I was absolutely miserable and felt more lost in my whole entire life. I was going to work and school all in one and I was constantly exhausted. I realized how hard it was to be an adult and wanted to give up so bad. I was making NO friends and at one point I remember begging my dad to pay for me to come back to California where I would transfer to a Paul Mitchell there. He of course said no. (which I'm now grateful for) but yes, I was lonely and miserable. Thank god I at least had my sister who potentionally became my best friend throughout the next 2 years. I had every intention of getting out of that town that I knew I would never belong in and go back living my California dream by the beach somewhere after hair school. 

But months passed and even a year went by, and I finally started to feel more comfortable where I was living. I was on my feet finally and though still constantly exhausted from my full time work and school schedule, I accepted the fact that I would survive Salt Lake and make it out of there. Friends came slowly but surely. Only a few, though. And they all had boyfriends so I was always the odd ball out. After about a year and a half of living in Utah, everything began to change. I dated a few guys here and there, nothing ever too serious but some serious enough to feel lost and devasted after they ended abruptly. Enough to make me feel done with guys for a while. At that point in my life they were only bringing me down to a place I didn't want to be. I needed to figure out this whole new "adulting" life thing on my own without the depenency of another guy making me happy. But of course soon after that...I eventually met a boy. A boy who changed my world. I won't go into too much detail about him though because he is for another post ;) Long story short, this boy became my boyfriend, who eventually became my fiance, who eventually became my husband. 

We became serious fairly quickly. (only because it felt right of course) after about a year of dating, marriage turned into a serious topic. We knew at that point that we wanted to spend the rest of forever together and after we figured that out another topic arrised a couple months later. And that was, "do we even want to stay in Utah?" We had a sudden urge to get out of that town we both called home. I knew I never wanted to make SLC my permanent home but meeting Johnny gave me all the reason in the world to stay as long as he would. There were a few reasons that sparked our decision to leave. Some bigger than others. One factor was that the closer we became as a couple, the more we realized that the friends we had in Utah were driftly farther apart from us. Things and people are always changing and growing and it just made sense for us to grow, too. Even if that meant leaving Utah. Another factor is that I'm from California (of course) and he was from Utah. We wanted a place of our OWN to call home. Someplace we would could BOTH start over together. Build a life from the ground up. Fresh start, fresh new people, fresh new experiences. We truely fell in love with that concept and that was simply the ultimate reason we left. Among other reasons were that SLC became a small town to me very fast. In just a year and a halfs time, I felt like I started to know everyone and everyone knew me. Which had its pros and cons. But I began to dislike it quickly. Johnny and I were finding that we couldn't escape certain people because of it.


Salt Lake will always, always hold such a dear place in my heart for so many amazing and humbling reasons. But it was time to move on to bigger and better things. And my husband was just itching to leave his past behind in Utah as well. So it all worked out! We decided it was time to move! But how did we decide Austin, Texas? Well, it was actually pretty simple. Johnny had been to Austin before while he was on tour with his band way back when and loved the city. We looked up pictures and things to do and places to live. It was beautiful! It looked like a dream place to be. A city that ran along the Colorado river? Lush, green trees? Huge lakes? Live music capital of the world? Good food? We were sold. Really all those factors took place in our decision. Also, the cost of living was good to us and we knew our money would go further than in some other places/cities. Another factor was to get out of the cold! No.More.Snow. Beautiful weather, beautiful city. It was absoltuely a perfect fit for us and matched our personalities better than we could have imagined. We felt like Austin was pretty much made for us. Spoiler....we still do. 

And here I am now typing this all out in our apartment up in Hill Country Austin, Tx. We have been here for a year and a half now and it's felt like home since the very beginning. We really can't imagine living anywhere else but here. We explore new places every week and discover more and more reasons to fall in love with the city. We are so proud of our home here that we built together and couldn't be happier with our decision. 



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